Aguaje – Fire in the Belly

Aguaje Fire in the Belly

Installation Sachaqa Art Centre, Peruvian Amazon 2013.

The fruit Aguaje with its strange reptilian skin is often found sold in Peruvian towns and villages in the Amazon.  It is also made into juice and ice cream. The spines of the Aguaje tree are said to be used in sorcerers brews to see devils and the tree itself is believed to attract water making the Aguaje an important tree culturally, spiritually and environmentally.

“Aguaje” the installation was created using local San Roque clay and Bombonaje palm.  Inside were placed two Aguaje seeds.   The installation was eventually left in a dry river bed behind the art centre.  Open to the elements “Aguaje” will eventually break down and disintegrate releasing the seeds into the dry stream where hopefully they will sprout and grow.