Ghost of Gone Birds

by Regan O'Callaghan on October 12, 2014

Ghost of Gone Birds

I am very pleased and honoured to be a participant in this project.

Ghost of Gone Birds

The Camden Migration Festival

The Forge

3 – 7 Delancey St,  Camden, London NW1 7NL.

26th September – end October

click here for details

 “Te Aroha o te Koreke”
“For the love of the New Zealand Quail”

Whiti koreke, ka kitea kow!
Haere whakaparirau i a koe, haere whakamanu!

The quail springs up, you’re found!
Go and get yourself wings, go and turn into a bird!

see the work here

Te Aroha o te Koreke Te Aroha o te Koreke


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